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We Love Cosplay!


This event features a world-class cosplay event! Come see your favorites from comic books, movies and more. If you're truly daring...enter the cosplay contest to show off your one-of-a-kind cosplay design and a chance to win some cold hard cash and prizes from our sponsors.


Whether you're a cosplay enthusiast, or just a fan, we invite everyone to dress up as your favorite hero.


Meet Your 2023  Cosplay Contest MC - Amber Skies

Cosplay Contest Prizes

  • Children’s, Novice, Journeyman, and Masters 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers’ medals

  • All first place finishers receive a full event pass to the 2023 Phoenix Fan Fusion

  • Children under 13 are free and the first 25 to register receive a free gift bag

  • Best in show receive a Southwest Airlines round trip flight in the continental United States

All registered participants who submit a photograph via the @superhero_saturday_ppsla instagram will automatically be entered into the virtual Fan Favorite category to win $300!  The contestant with the most likes on their @superhero_saturday_ppsla photo by the end of the masquerade held on January 14, 2023 will win.  You do not have to attend to win!

2023 Featured Cosplayers

Ivy Doomkitty

Ivy Doomkitty is an Internationally recognized Cosplayer, Artist, Gamer, and Published Model, based in Los Angeles. Ivy has been an avid fan of comics and gaming since childhood, and has been attending conventions for over 18 years. In the last 10 years, Ivy has delved into the world of cosplay, fascinated with the creativity of it as well as being able to show her love of her favourite characters through this medium. Since then, she has quickly risen to become one of the most sought after cosplay artists for conventions throughout the world. Ivy was also a cast member of IGN's Hero Makeover and featured as a GUEST JUDGE on the Syfy Original Series, "Heroes of Cosplay", was a 2 time published cover model for "Cosplay Culture" magazine, and has modeled for various companies, including Pinup Girl Clothing and Hellbunny Clothing. She has also judged some of the most prestigious of competitions for costumers and creators around the world. Ivy is the advocate in the cosplay world for body acceptance and "cospositivity", championing the movement.

She uses this passion to create her own costumes, create a positive impact in the cosplay community through her diverse panels, and is actively supporting various charity organizations, such as Kitt Crusaders and Apex Protection. She strives to show others in the community that you can do something you love, regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, body shape/size, age, etc. You can catch her streaming her favourite video games or interacting with her fanbase on Twitch!

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Follow Ivy and her adventures at 

Kristina Moser-McGinley

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Follow Kristina and her adventures at 

Polyxena's Creations

Follow Polyxena and her adventures at 

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Starlit Memory Cosplay

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Ryann Kay

Follow Ryann and her adventures at

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Corgi Cosplay

Follow Corgi Cosplay and her adventures at

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Tender Little Hearts- Cosplay Ponies 

Follow the Cosplay Ponies and their adventures at and

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Call Me Noon

Follow Noon Raccoon Cosplay and their adventures at

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Follow Ascheley and her adventures at

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Animaru Maid Cafe

Off the Page

Follow Off the Page and their adventures at

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Sapphire Nova and Bananacakecosplay

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Princess Iota Cosplay 

Follow Princess Iota and all her adventures through her Instagram at

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Follow Illuminaughty and all her adventures at 

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Mikaria Drake

Follow Mikaria and all her adventures at

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